Cat beds for windows

Original KITTY COT “World’s BEST Cat Perch one of the best cat beds for windows is now only $44.99 find out more in the link belowClick Here

Product Description:

The Original Kitty Cot is an incredible plan that is certain to excite your Kitty Cat. The Kitty Cat is not at all like most cat beds for windows because it joins to your windows utilizing PATENTED Giant Suction Cups, made in the USA. Each suction container is appraised to hold 15 pounds. The Kitty Cot measures 26″ long from outside of suction glasses x 14″ wide. The casing is made of solid and strong plastic pipe. The loft is made of intense climate safe texture, a “simple clean” comfortable material that your felines will love. Rapidly bring the Kitty Cot down for simple cleaning. The Kitty Cot will securely hold up to 25 pounds of Cat(s). The Kitty Cot can go anyplace on a window in your home and at any stature. Ensure your window is not broken or split before mounting. The Kitty Cot works inside and outside. Our plan is so basic and simple that anybody can put it up and the best part is that you require no devices to introduce it. Lay your feline’s most loved cover to make it considerably more bead-like and agreeable. Introduce beside an outside flying creature feeder or other activity areas and your feline will be engaged for a considerable length of time lying in a sunny place in our feline bed. The mental incitement of your feline will keep he/she youthful and dynamic for a considerable length of time. Extraordinary for more established felines! Cats are a hoot! They will long for catching the world! *FOR NARROWER WINDOWS READ THIS – I used to offer an Adjustable Kitty Cot yet now I allude individuals to my site. Simply tap on “Flexible Kitty Cot”. On this page I have given connects to the fittings required that you can purchase from Lowe’s and in addition guidelines on the best way to make the Original Kitty Cot into an Adjustable Kitty Cot. It truly takes just minutes. On the off chance that you have questions you can email me from too.

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