Cat window perch

Window Mounted Cat Window Perch. Strong Upgraded Version, holds up to 40lbs! 4 Big Suction Cups included. Perfect for your fun loving cat! only $34.99

Product Details:


Make your feline feel like eminence with Omorfi Pet Supplies, the PREMIERE Brand of Hanging Window Cat Perches! Be a mindful pet proprietor with Omorfi Pet Supplies – premium hanging window feline roosts. An unquestionable requirement have for any pet fan! Adoring pet proprietors request Omorfi Pet Supplies for their pet needs, regardless of whether in their own particular house, occasion home, business, or pet store. Here’s WHY:

– > EXTRA DUTY STRENGTH – 1″ PVC pipe and two BIG suction tops, combined with a solid cotton canvas implies this feline bed can hold up to 40 pounds!

– > PET-FRIENDLY and SAFE – Omorfi Pet Supplies Hanging Window Cat Perches are made in light of family felines using delicate elastic secured stainless steel links. Nothing conveys pet proprietors nearer to their pets when they can see they are sheltered and having a ton of fun, which means you can sit back and relax when your feline is utilizing our bed, not at all like different items which can be unsafe to your pet.

– > PRACTICAL and FUN – The Omorfi Pet Supplies Cat Perch gives your feline a front line perspective of nature, climate, individuals and more without taking up important floor space. It is ideal for felines that jump at the chance to loll in the warm sun or dynamic felines that craving a high vantage point. Have various feline beds stunned and watch your feline truly feel like sovereignty!

– > ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE – A clasp on removable cotton canvas implies you can keep your feline bed feeling like new. Ideal for machine wash or simply utilizing cleanser and water no damage will be finished!

If you don’t mind allude to our establishment control which is incorporated into our bundling for more data.


30 days 100% fulfillment ensured with free return, get a 6 month constrained guarantee and lifetime client bolster. Patent pending. Add to truck now to give it a shot!


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