Trixie Wooden Outdoor Cat Run

Cats love being outdoors, and our unique backyard cat patio is ideal for housing and protecting multiple cats when outdoors. The 2-story design includes a retreat around the 2nd floor with ramp that enables your cat to roam freely inside and outdoors, upstairs and downstairs, under the sun or shade for ideal comfort. The retreat s lower level features a shelf for cat beds, cat litter box, or extra storage. We’ve also incorporated a window with pane along with a slide door along one for reds from the retreat, in addition to a small side door with latch for simple use of your dog. Wood paneling behind and side offer additional defense against the weather. There’s even incorporated a sizable door with metal latch for additional security.

Enclosed backyard cat patio with retreat on 2nd floor

Large primary door with metal latches for simple maintenance

Includes window with pane, slide door and small hinged door

Shelf space for cat bed, cat litter box or extra storage


Wooden enclosure with retreat at 2nd floor

Wood paneling at to safeguard against wood and rain

Large primary door with metal latches for simple maintenance

Window with discomfort, side door and hinged door

One-year warranty

Includes: 1 cat run

Color: Glazed pine

Atmosphere: Outdoors


Overall: 76.75 in W x 37.25 in D x 68.75 in H

Primary Door Opening: 21 in W x 43 in H

Mesh Side Door: 12 in W x 12 in H

Retreat Exterior Doorways: 9 in W x 5 in H

Retreat InteriorDoors: 4 in x 4 in/7 in x 7 in/16 in x 28 in

Retreat: 32 in D

Material: Weather-treated fir wood, Composite asphalt shingles, Metal

Cleaning Instructions: Clean utilizing a gentle soap.

Caution: Appropriate for cats of every age group and activity levels.

Wood paneling at to guard against rain and wind




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